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Haveli Restaurant is a special treat for people who love good living and woderful food! We have a full fledged bar, and a unique ambience showing Indian culture. Our restaurant is beautifully decorated with antique paintings that display tarditional Indian culture and craft.

Haveli Restaurant is patterned after an Indian haveli, residential mansion with a partially elevated second froor and an interior courtyard. The jharookha (balcony), which allows contact with passing merchants on the street, and inner courtyard which provides family privacy or community gatherings, are taditional haveli structures dating back to the 9th century.


Haveli Restaurant's upstairs suspended dining areas permit the patron to observe the entertainment below, whethere it's dancing or the Indian cooking processes. The woodedn gallery windows in these "hanging havelis" are jalis(screens) which allow the viewing enjoyment of reenacted Indian street activities and decorations. The theatrically of Indian culture complements this country's traditional food in an urban setting.


Haveli Restaurant serves fine cuisine spiced with the flavors of India's Northern and Southern regions. One may savor the essence of India with various taste and decorative elements inherent in Indian art and culture. Haveli combines architechtural innovation with ambience of India to create a unique dining atmosphere.

100 Second Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 982 - 0533